2012 – FIRST POST (Multiple Personalities?)

As my on-line presence began to expand I started to wonder about the purpose of the various ways in which I interacted on the web.
As a teacher I was used to adapting my approach as I was confronted by a wide range of different classes and situations. I now find that I vary my approach depending on which website I am interacting on. In general this doesn’t concern me; in the main I tend to use different sites to communicate with different people. I really started to think about this when I found myself communicating with the same people via different sites. FaceBook tends to be for general communications and fun, Twitter focusses on news, ReverbNation is for music, whilst MySpace is relegated only to gathering information, Tumblr is where I post show playlists and reviews along with a range of interesting bits, Flickr is for photos, and then there is SkillPages and LinkedIn. Now as I finally attempt to flesh out this WordPress site I am faced with considering a 3D format using OrbCreation which is about to be launched on Tuesday 24th January.
I already have a couple of ideas that might be developed for use on OrbCreation – and I am preparing to present my first show in the newly re-fitted studio on Tuesday. There are also a few other projects that look ready to offer me more opportunities to remain active! I look forward to a very productive year and will do my best to continue to use this site to record key developments.


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