I don’t do ‘New Year Resolutions’ but now does seem appropriate to list things to look forward to in the coming year. Before I retired, most of my life was integrated into my timetable and school calendar with little time to consider much else apart from R&R, but now I cannot rely on anybody doing this for me, so here goes!
In two days time I will be returning to the studio to host my first show using all the ‘shiny new’ equipment – Generate Radio has come a long way since it started broadcasting with equipment sat on the desk that I made as a final project at college back in 1976. As a result of the many links that I have made I am looking forward to playing three pre-release tracks and some great IDs that were recorded for me, in true ‘Aussie’ style by Melbourne band Stirling.
By the end of February word should have been received from OFCOM regarding the decision on Generate Radio’s FM licence application; if it is positive then I can look forward to lots of exciting activities helping to ensure further success. If the twenty four hour broadcast was my highlight of last year with Generate Radio, I can see many more great things to come.
Having been a funder for the ‘Sound It Out’ documentary last year, I look forward to the production of four albums that I have helped through crowdfunding. Grim Dylan, Saint Saviour, Tiger Lilly and Aoede are all working on their albums and I am very excited as I anticipate these becoming available.
Last year also saw a major resurgence in my trips to live gigs and this also looks set to continue, starting with another trip to IndigO2 for a showcase of bands promoted by Feed Me Music, including a re-configured Kenelis.
On the creative front, I look forward to finishing the planting of trees at Greenlawdean and watching as my sculpture weathers into its home. Trying to support Winnie with her ‘Chic Jewellery’ and collaborating with Colleen and Zoe on the ‘HeartArt’ project also shows promise.
No family weddings or trips to Peru are planned, and there is still scope for unplanned things to arise, but I am confident that 2012 will be every bit as exciting and fulfilling as 2011 was; so here goes!


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