I had a call yesterday from a friend who had moved away; he said that he had left a ‘few’ items in the garage that he thought the new residents would like to use. As it turned out, they didn’t wish to avail themselves of the storage and maintenance items, and he wondered if I would be willing to remove the items in question for him.

On the face of it, that shouldn’t have presented any major problems – I was close at hand, had time and the necessary equipment, and the weather looked set to be unseasonably fine. There was one niggling concern; during previous visits to the local public recycling / waste depot I had been quite aggressively challenged about the source of the materials that I had been seeking to drop off for processing. Quite correctly commercial operators are prevented from using the free to local tax payers facility, and the suggestion was that I was a commercial operator trying to abuse the service. Having loaded my trailer the last thing that I wanted was to get into an argument about the legitimacy of my visit; whilst I wasn’t seeking to drop off my own material, I was doing a favour for somebody who had every entitlement to use the facility – it simply wasn’t convenient for them to do the job and I wasn’t seeking any payment for helping out.

I needn’t have worried, as the operative who had previously challenged me wasn’t on duty. Instead I was greeted by a very pleasant and helpful person, who, in addition to making it clear that there was no problem with what I intended to do, went out of his way to physically help me. Thank you so much ‘CA’, you’ve certainly helped to restore my faith people who are supposed to be assisting the public, long may you continue to do such a good job!



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