I had an idea that what I would ‘give up for Lent’ would be ‘not exercising’, sadly this didn’t quite work out and I continued not exercising! One of the reasons that I stopped serious exercise was when I began to suffer coughing attacks early on in my runs, due to sinus problems, and thought that I would wait until something could be done to reduce the effects of this. Finally, on Easter Sunday I managed to do more than just cycle down to the local shop. I set off thinking that I might complete around two miles up the hill and through the woodland at the top. Once off the main road and onto the forest track I felt good and decided to take a longer route, I continued along the ‘Green Ride’ towards Marchmont House, then returned via the old railway line. I do prefer it when I’m off road, it somehow feels more ‘organic’ when having to negotiate bumps, sticks, mud, stones and puddles. It wasn’t long before a deer bounded across the track in front of me. Later there were squirrels and a variety of birds, but I have seen more wildlife during previous trips.

On returning home my legs were feeling suitably jelly-like – previous knowledge re-assures me that once I start semi-serious exercise after a break, it usually helps to spur me on to continue. So perhaps I will be reporting on more exercise again soon.


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