This wedding party had always promised to be unique. The party date had been intimated well in advance and was scheduled for a number of months after the extremely intimate Christmas Eve wedding. The invitation arrived in a hand decorated envelope and was in the form of a VIP pass to ‘What Time Is Love?’ That question was easy to answer, it was a Saturday evening in late April. Had the question been ‘where is the love’, it would have been very easily answered as it permeated the whole evening as friends gathered, having travelled via planes, trains and auto-mobiles to share the special moment in the magnificent surroundings of an 18th Century Palladian mansion in the Scottish Borders; the extent of the love was very clear to feel.

The couple are both extremely talented and creative and managed to imprint their own mark on every aspect. Their work with a variety of very talented musicians was reflected throughout the evening with live performances ranging from delicate acoustic numbers featuring voice and grand piano only, to full on rock bands. During the evening a number of public declarations were voiced affirming the high regard held for the couple, and thanking them for their support for developing careers.

Starting at 6pm with a champagne reception in the entrance hall, the evening progressed to the wonderful picture gallery with walls displaying a selection of paintings from Scotland’s National Galleries, where guests socialised and were entertained by a selection of acoustic songs. It was so good to finally meet in person, many who I had only previously met on -line.

A delicious buffet was served, the bride demonstrated her newly developed drumming skills in a mesmerising drum duet with her tutor, and a spectacular firework display outside; all were precursors to the final phase featuring three exciting live bands. The classical setting of the room now took on a very different appearance as the bands rocked their hearts and souls out on stage and the disco floor lights were switched on. The magical evening was brought to an all too soon close with a selection of ‘disco’ tracks, The B 52s ‘Rock Lobster’ being a particularly memorable one, and then it was time to say farewells and travel back home. Thanks so much to P&C for inviting me to share their special event.




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