Generate Radio CIC has linked up with rising Glasgow singer/songwriter Toni Etherson to invite suggestions for the design of the cover graphics for her new EP. This opportunity offers developing graphic designers a chance to add to their folios with the possibility of having their design incorporated into the final EP package. In addition to possible final selection, a range of the best submissions will be featured on Generate Radio’s website and the designers will be given the opportunity to talk about their work with Donald Strachan on his weekly Tuesday Drive Time Show.


You are invited to submit graphic design suggestions for a CD/EP cover, for Toni Etherson’s planned release later this year. For an insight into her music, check out her SoundCloud stream at

and on YouTube



  • overcoming stereotypical misconceptions
  • universal aims in life – common needs and desires
  • being young and carefree
  • influences during the transition from teenage to adult life
  • different but the same
  • positivity / inspiration


‘For all the differences in lifestyles, upbringing and environment, people share many common needs and desires. From gritty urban areas of deprivation, to affluent country estate life, many problems are caused as a result of stereotyping when assumptions are made purely on the basis of appearance, racial heritage, where people come from, etc. Sometimes circumstances bring people together, who wouldn’t normally expect to get on together due their differing appearances and backgrounds – the outcome can often be a surprising meeting of minds and spirits when they realise that the superficial differences don’t actually mean that much – human beings tend to share many basic similarities with regard to emotions, comfort and needs. For example, backgrounds count for nothing when we get caught in torrential rain, and get so drenched that there is no longer any point in trying to stay ‘dry’, we can all feel the same release and basic wish to enjoy e moment, without caring about about later.’

Toni aims to produce an EP that presents a collection of songs that explore the above views of humanity. Current provisional EP title is ‘People & Places’ but this is not fixed.


Consider the points detailed above and suggest a design for the EP cover. Whilst the final design should be suitable for use as the cover for a physical copy, it should also have sufficient clarity to allow it to be used as a thumbnail on computer / mobile phone screens.

Initial submissions should be made electronically (scans / photos of manual art work, or screen shots of digital work are sufficient for initial consideration). Please send to

Final date/time for submissions 5pm Tuesday July 31st

Check out Generate Radio at:

Generate Radio CIC on FaceBook

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