Between 10am on Friday 28th September and 10am on Saturday 29th September I had the pleasure and privilege to present a second continuous 24 hour show on Generate Radio CIC (Community Interest Company). I had done one last year to mark the first anniversary of the radio station’s continuous on-line broadcasting presence; it just seemed the natural thing to do the same again for the second anniversary, particularly as this year saw the station having narrowly missed out, by three votes, in the Scottish New Music Awards ‘Radio Station of the Year’ category. They had also been nominated for the award last year, such an excellent accolade for a new project. This year I aimed to highlight and showcase the growing range of talent and content that exists among the team of volunteers. Many of the presenters called into the studio and joined me on air, in addition others helped behind the scenes to provide moral support and much needed sustenance. I had also been privileged to schedule a number of calls from around the world with some of the amazing artists that I have featured during my time with the station. I was also able to feature a number of world exclusives:

  • SNMA ‘Pop Recording of the Year’ award winner Scosha, had been in the studio in Glasgow on Friday, she e-mailed a copy of her new song ‘Let Go’ and I had the privilege of giving it its first ever radio airplay after chatting to her;
  • Melbourne band Stirling had sent me a song they had recorded the previous week, ‘Here’s To You’, and had told me that they were going to hold fire on posting it anywhere until after the show, allowing me to claim another radio debut;
  • local band Easter Street came into the studio for a live session and performed three songs, one of which, ‘Lifeboat’ had never been played in public before;
  • two ex-students of mine, Toby Young and Kirsty Ellison, had recorded a song earlier in the studio specially for the show, ‘Dance of the Glade’ was yet another song to get a radio debut during the show;
  • a group from Borders Youth Theatre came in and performed a short live piece that they had prepared specially for the show;
  • fellow presenter Rycharde Perry brought in a record deck to enable me to play some tracks from good old fashioned vinyl, I wonder how many other radio stations around the world were playing vinyl that day.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who helped in some way to make the show such a success, I feel so honoured to have been able to be involved. I won’t begin to try to name every person that either came in and joined me on air, visited the studio bearing supplies, messaged via social media, spoke to me on-air or donated; to do so would always leave me feeling that I had missed somebody out. I will, however, mention three: Kyle and Oscar, the young station directors without whose vision and determination the project would never have got as far as it has; and our daughter-in-law Emma who messaged to say that ‘the bump’ (our expected first grandchild) had been listening, reading that message just as I was about to play the final song certainly helped to release the built-up nervous tension.

On Monday night I went into a local takeaway that has been very supportive of the station and got a bit of a ‘kick in the teeth’. On returning home I called the Police and then posted the following on FaceBook.

‘REWARD – a clear conscience for anybody who reports the identity of the low-life who stole a Generate Radio CIC collection can from Duns Golden Fish on Saturday night. If you can help please contact Lothian & Borders Police on 01361 882222, if you do know who is responsible but are one of these warped people who believe that it is not acceptable to ‘grass’ people up to the police then please feel free to come and discuss your stance live on-air with me anytime. We have a priceless amount of support from numerous volunteers but sadly no way to offer a monetary reward. The collection can was one of a number that had been put out to help collect money for our local community radio station ahead of a marathon 24 hour show that I was presenting from 10am on Friday to 10am on Saturday. Thanks to so many wonderfully generous people from around the world the show was a great success and we did manage to raise a healthy sum as a result of the whole team pulling selflessly together. To discover the theft of what could well have been the fullest of our cans has certainly taken a bit of an edge of the feeling of satisfaction that I shared with many others after the show had ended. It will NOT however deter me from continuing to give my time and energy to this extremely worthwhile cause – it has also given me a clear focus for tomorrow evening’s ‘Drive Time’ show, please feel free to call in or message me with your comments. The proprietor has offered to make up an amount equivalent to what might have been in the can – BUT WHY SHOULD HE? Like others, he was good enough to allow us to place a collection can in his premises to enable DECENT AND HONEST people to put a little spare change in to help us. It was in fact his insistence that led me to pursue the option of distributing the cans in the first place as he was so keen to be able to support our station.
Please also feel free to share this post – it may not actually help identify the culprit, or replace the stolen money, but every share will at least help to show how many people out there are disgusted by the actions of those who feel that it is acceptable to steal from those who give generously to charitable causes. Generate Radio may not be a registered charity but we are a Community Interest Company – let’s show low lifes such as this person just how much interest there is amongst the global community in showing solidarity with people who actually care about our fellow human beings!’

The response was amazing, many people quickly expressed their disgust and offered support. The status was rapidly shared thereby passing the news to many people. One person quickly insisted that they would hand in a generous donation despite my insistence that my intention when posting was not to use emotional blackmail to elicit more donations. A few hours after this discovery I am still rather emotional but now feel that it wouldn’t do any harm to mention that a Crowdfunder pitch set up specially for the show has 3 days left to run and is currently sitting at 44% of target. If anybody does feel that they wish to offer financial support, donations, however small, will certainly be very gratefully received. If we could put a cash value on the many hours that all our volunteers ‘donate’ we would be quite well off, sadly this counts as little when faced with utility bills – for these only cold hard cash will do.





After the crowdfunder pitch has ended there is always an option to donate via www.generateradio.com


For anybody who might be interested, the complete playlist for each of the twenty four hours can be viewed here:



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