12/12/12 – 12:12

It won’t be the last time, but it will be the last date/time that I’ll ever see where all numbers are the same. I don’t mean that in reference to the ‘predicted’ ‘end of the world’ on 21st December either, how many times will that have been predicted now? It is just that I cannot forsee me still being around early next century on 01/01/01 – 01:01.

As it is I feel happy to have been born and grow up when I did. I still feel excited by many new developments in many aspects of life, yet also remember the beginnings of so many things – colour TV, computers, internet, many excellent bands and solo artists, and insights into a multitude of cultures. Sadly, for all the wealth of talent, innovation and forward thinking in the world, there still remain many fundamental injustices. Divisiveness appears to be encouraged by some power-hungry groups as they seek to retain some illusionary control over things. Borders are often fortified between nations, creeds, races, ideologies and sexual orientations, to list a few. Resources are unfairly distributed, with some parts of the global society wasting so much while many others go without the absolute essentials.

The world may not end abruptly on December 21st, but with so many volatile situations continuing around the globe, it may self-destruct gradually to leave very few humans around to witness 01/01/01 – 01:01. Then again, maybe sense and reason may finally prevail – now that would be something I would wish to be around to see the start of!

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