Exciting musical things are happening in the eastern Scottish Borders. Berwickshire is a thinly populated rural area and getting around without a car or motorcycle is fairly difficult but that hasn’t stopped a number of determined individuals pursuing their passions.

Generate Radio CIC aims to be a vehicle for helping to publicise the work of local talent alongside their efforts to offer a platform for air-play to Scottish bands, and independent artists from around the world.


Taking their name from a street near Duns town centre, Easter Street is a band based in Duns, Berwickshire (location of Generate Radio’s studio) that are developing a loyal following and should now be looking to take their live act further afield.

The threesome formed around a year ago; guitarist and drummer from ‘The B Team’ were joined by a different bass player and got down to the serious business of building a core repertoire that would serve them well in local gigs. They also took the time and trouble to get a number of tracks recorded and released on a CD titled ‘Paved With Good Intentions’, these tracks are also available for free download on Soundcloud. The recordings have a live feel to them as they haven’t been overproduced or otherwise played around with.

The line-up of Derek Huffman (guitars & vocals), Murray Warnock (bass), Daniel Dishington (drums) turn out a solid, mature and skillful sound. As with all bands that impress me, their songs are varied in content, style, tempo and delivery. Additionally, the lyrics are particularly strong and engaging, helped undoubtedly by the fact that Derek is teacher of English; being a Canadian living and working in Scotland helps to add further layers to his life experiences.

They are most definitely a rock band and manage to encompass elements reminiscent of various decades. I certainly can’t claim that they are seeking to replicate any one particular established band – they simply produce thoughtful and entertaining music, where virtually every lyric, note and drum beat can be readily distinguished. Listening at home or when driving is a pleasure – equally, their live performances are impressive. They all clearly enjoy being on stage and Derek is an excellent front man, who works hard to stimulate interaction with the audience. They also don’t take themselves too seriously – I first saw them on a Friday evening and they managed to entertain the audience by playing a version of Rebecca Back’s widely derided track ‘It’s Friday’ (unlike her ill-advised and naïve release Easter Street’s tongue-in-cheek’ cover actually worked), they also perform an excellent interpretation of Adele’s ‘Rolling In The Deep’. This healthy attitude towards themselves is also evident in the video that they have produced to accompany ‘Soul For Sale.

Tracks included on ‘Paved With Good Intentions’:

1/ ‘Soul For Sale’ includes really wonderful line, “my brain can’t cash the cheque that my heart has written”


2/’Parents’ Attic’ teenage angst reminisences

3/ ‘More Time’ more than a hint of retro early 70s about this

4/ ‘The Tracks’ – begins as a simple acoustic backed slow ballad that builds to a crescendo as the instrumental backing becomes more complex

5/ ‘The Conservation Of Angular Momentum’ – fairly timeless lilting quality with ‘lady-tone’ sounding guitar work

6/ ‘My Walls’ – driving and urgent – wonderfully adapted as an ID for my show on Generate Radio! (this ID plus pre-gig interview with band to follow)

7/’We Try/We Fail’ – mid-tempo – voice full of raw emotion

Previously posted gig reviews:



For further information, check out their website


A couple of years back, Derek Huffman greatly impressed with a memorable performance of Outkast’s ‘Hey Ya’ – he can be seen here doing a version with earlier band The B Team.

Pre-Easter Street track by The B Team, ‘Hey Ya’ cover


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