Having been very impressed by the examples of Toni’s performances of her own songs that I had seen and heard thanks to the internet, I was very happy to take the opportunity to catch up with her in Glasgow. I arrived in ‘King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut’ and met her ahead of her performance for our pre-arranged interview for Generate Radio. We started at a table next to the venue bar but soon moved to a separate room upstairs when a sound check threatened to drown us out!

I found her such a joy to interview; enthusiastic yet self-effacing, and clearly committed to developing her musical career, she nevertheless appeared to be very level-headed and pragmatic about the benefits of developing a parallel career to help ‘pay the bills’.

After the interview, Toni did her sound check and I took the opportunity to get some photos on stage, from angles that I wouldn’t normally get during a live performance. Then, after a short wait, and with a healthy audience assembled, she returned all ready to perform.

She started by playing a few of her songs that I had already been listening to; it was so lovely to see her obviously enjoying the opportunity to play live to an appreciative audience. So lovely too to be able to really appreciate her performance uninterrupted by a noisy inattentive audience, sadly something that now seems to be a common occurrence in many places. After a mash-up of covers she performed three new songs, for the first time in public. All three had been recorded the previous weekend and will be released later in the year as an EP to be titled ‘Drawing A Line’. Toni had earlier explained her choice of EP title as indicative of her seeking to ‘draw a line’ under her earlier developmental work as she pushes to develop her own style for the future.

Echoing the impression I got during the interview, she came across on stage as a very pleasant and modest person who I believe has a great deal of potential. I am very glad that I made the effort to travel across Scotland to witness this very special performance, and look forward eagerly to hearing more of her output.


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