I am pleased and privileged to be able announce my little contribution to helping to inform the public about Parkinsons – how it affects those diagnosed, and what some dedicated people are doing to raise awareness and raise funds for research and care.
I introduce a wonderfully engaging radio show in which a great friend and colleague Colleen Henderson-Heywood chats to ‘Fix Parkinson’s’ founder Simon Laverick. In addition to discussing how people might be impacted by a diagnosis, they also provide details about a major challenge due to be undertaken later this month. A team of willing volunteers will set off to canoe from Fort William to Inverness.
Listen in from 11am to 12 noon BST (10am to 11am UTC) on
or search for TD1 Radio on your smartphone using ‘TuneIn Radio’ app, or similar.

More information can be found on the following two websites:

Fix Parkinson’s


One response to “FIX PARKINSON’S

  • pete

    Ah, yes … the more awareness we can raise, the better. That’s why I wrote a book about early onset parkinsons, to help both those with the disease, and those people who know them, know that they’re not alone.

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