Chakra Bleu is a musician who appears to be perfectly happy in her own skin and follows her own path, not aiming to attach herself to any fleeting fads and fashions. She produces her own distinct fusion of rock/Americana/pop to offer a range of upbeat and insightful songs that have more than a hint of inspiration about them.

This album contains a pleasing range of songs to lift hearts and minds. I was pleased to note a timeless quality about most of it. Whilst the songs all retain a freshness and vitality, there are many of them that I could just as easily imagine listening to back in the 1970s and on. I imagine she achieves this perfect blend by having the knack of matching instrumentation and arrangements to moods and emotions without feeling in any way constrained to comply with any restrictive genre classification.

In addition to the music I was also impressed by the insert, particularly the feature on the sunflower as it reminded me of the symbol of the Peruvian homes for abandoned ‘street boys’ that operate under the banner of ‘Casa Girasoles’. In fact the publicity for the album claims that it resonates with the “Essence and Totem of the Sunflower” (happiness; hope; prosperity; vitality; serenity; freedom; devotion; fulfillment), and that it will act like a ‘lucky charm’!

I always hesitate to pick out ‘favourite’ tracks as selection often depends very much on my own mood; having said that, however, ‘More Even More’ and ‘Imaginary Lines’ do stand out after my first few listens. But that might say more about my current life than it does about the artistic merits of the songs. At the end of the day I believe that it is more important for music to embrace and enhance emotions, than it is for it to tick all the technical proficiency boxes; sometimes pure technical perfection can be particularly uninspiring!

Her press release list a range of adjectives to describe her ability to captivate audiences – ‘playful, intriquing, soul-searching, enriching, embracing and mystical’ being some of them – in my opinion she certainly ticks these boxes.

1/ More Than Fine

2/ You’re The One

3/ What It Is

4/ Sunflower Of My Dreams

5/ Someday

6/ When I Hold Your Hand

7/ Every Bit Of Me

8/ Lucky Charm

9/ All Day Long

10/ More Even More

11/ Your Loving Eyes

12/ Imaginary Lines

13/ Don’t Go There Again

14/ Rockin’ The Bistro

15/ Pinch Me

16/ I Feel The Same

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