Apologies to Izzy , I really had aimed to finish and post this much sooner – I’ve been kept busy helping my wife, so ‘The Other Girl’ has had to wait!

I had been very impressed with the few examples of Izzy’s work that I had heard earlier and was very keen to explore this new album. The first thing; when I started writing my gig and album reviews I made a decision not to waste any time or effort on anything that didn’t impress me – so the fact that I have continued to listen and consider prior to finalising this indicates that I have been positively affected by it.

When I look back and note that my previous reviews have been of punk and hard rock orientated bands, my inclusion of Izzy Marie Hill simply serves to highlight my diverse range of appreciation. I am certain that as I continue to post further reviews this will become very clear.

Holistically, the album is a wonderful compilation of teenage hopes and concerns regarding inter-personal relationships. Just because my age places me far from being a teenager, I believe that I can still appreciate the emotional lyrical content. I suppose all those years working with teenagers must have had an impact.

Like any album that impresses me I like the variety of content. Izzy’s voice acts as a common thread as the tracks explore a range of emotions that include hope, anger, happiness and self-reliance. The backing musicians provide a tight and solid support yet are never overbearing. The range of content is impressive and clearly showcases Izzy’s versatility. I always hesitate when highlighting particular tracks, and very rarely refer to ‘the best track on an album’, personal circumstances, moods and situations will often colour preferences at any particular time. The fact that I do not analyse every track in detail does not mean that I think they are less worthy than others – forensic analysis of every track is not my intention when producing these reviews, I’ll leave that task to others.

‘Sick and Tired’: lively and spirited illustration of a positive attitude towards being let down;

‘LoveStruck’: happy, feelgood and upbeat celebration of the joys of young love (I think I can remember that far back!)

‘Best Friend’: solid, tight and mature;

‘Jimmy’: initially comes across as very light-hearted and ‘poppy’ but not quite what it sounds; careful listening reveals lyrics that refer to restraining orders and prozac, also includes exotic reference to Bora Bora;

‘Burning Inside’: powerful, emotive and dynamic rock ballad;

‘For The Last Time’: a thoughtful and reflective song that encourages learning from experience;

‘Luckiest Girl In The World’: happy and upbeat, yet mature with a hopeful and positive message;

‘Seven Weeks’: the first track that I ever heard by Izzy – very well-crafted and moving;

‘How The Story Goes’: a slow anthemic song considering feeling at a time to move on.


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