If anybody ever wanted to hear a ‘sampler’ to illustrate the broad range of music that can be contained under the umbrella term ‘rock music’, then ‘All Things Considered’ by Jesse Adams would be well worth seeking out. From almost pure blues through ‘Metallica’ style ballads, to ‘wall of sound’ thrash – this album contains a lot.

Starting fairly gently with a ‘train’ journey ‘Down The Line’, and ending with a very ambient track ‘All Things Considered’, the other seven tracks in between are a joy to experience. There is a brilliant angry rant with language that would prevent me playing it on air (‘One Shot’), an instrumental that highlights virtuoso guitar playing, and a strong ballad with echoes of previous classics. The inclusion of some of the classic speech from ‘The Great Dictator’ at the end of ‘Pig’ is a particularly inspired addition to the overall mix.

Jesse is a musician/producer from Nebraska, and has been honing his variety of skills since age 13. Also featured on the album is the skillful guitar playing of Grega Habic, from Slovenia. All things considered, this is a remarkably professional offering for a debut album.

1/ Down The Line – train keeps rolling down the line

2/ Stale

3/ One Shot

4/ The Circus Left Town

5/ DNA

6/ Slave

7/ Something To Hold On To

8/ Pig

9/ All Things Considered


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