There will undoubtedly be plenty of full reviews that analyse every track to death so I’m going to restrict myself to a relatively brief piece for Madonna’s latest offering.

It took me a while to get round to listening to this, but I believe that it was well worth the wait. I see it as providing an excellent overview of her extraordinary career as it seems to manage to incorporate numerous echoes of the wide range of songs produced to date. There are no old songs here but it serves as a fairly comprehesive compendium of what she is capable of.

There may have been some controversy over title’s close similarity to MDNA, but I believe it to be an inspired title – remove the vowels from many words and it is often still possible to identify the word as the essence remains clear to see, isn’t that the basis for text speak?

In a similar way I see this album containing all the essential elements required to fully document madonna’s music career, with many nuances being worked in.

At times it sounds very retro, with her voice sounding just as it did back in the early days. It manages to created an effortless transition from pure pop, through ballad to dubstep, whilst touching base in many other genres on the way.

As I said, I won’t go into an in-depth analysis of each track as plenty reviews already do this – I’ll simply record my tick in the ‘Oh Yes’ box for this album. Let’s face it very few people haven’t heard Madonna and will either be dedicated fans for whom she can do no wrong, those who have made a choice (conscious or subconscious) to avoid her at all costs, and others who will give anything a fair shot and make their own minds up.

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