Oberhofer is Brad Oberhofer’s musical project; look at the FaceBook profile and you will find it labelled as ‘coincidence pop’. Yet another genre for me to consider! The basic philosophy of this appears to involve improvisation, experimentation and brainstorming to produce unplanned results that can then be moulded into a finished form. I’ve no problem with that – it certainly seems a far better aim than trying to follow some already worn-out formula.

With a couple of self-released singles already on his CV this is a debut album, listening to it immediately made it clear to me that Brad is not content simply to restrict himself to the standard rock line-up of guitar, keyboard, bass & drums. Where modern keyboards might be able replicate the sounds of other instruments, he has opted to incorporate the real things, including xylophone, theremin, accordion, cello and woodwind.

With the expert assistance of veteran producer Steve Lillywhite, ‘Time Capsules II’ is an intriguing and thought provoking alternative to much of the contemporary music currently on release. With a promotional start on the Letterman show recently, there are signs that many influencial people have a belief in the potential of this Brooklyn arts graduate. As a young musician who is only just old enough now to drink at the venues where he appears, much of the subject matter in the lyrics reflects teenage thoughts, views and aspirations – many about love. But these aren’t banal and repetitive, they are thoughtful, at times quirky, and offer a great insight into Brad’s outlook on life.

Full track listing:

1/ Heart

2/ Landline

3/ Away Frm U

4/ I Could Go

5/ Yr Face

6/ Oooo

7/ Cruisin’FDR

8/ Gold

9/ Haus

10/ Homebro

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