I may have stated this before but I aim never to write a review without listening to an album a number of times. I believe that this album is a perfect justification for my stance. Having played it two or three times whilst I was doing some home improvement work, I was about to write it off as an example of a band that had become complacent and lost its edge. Then I persevered and listened more intently without distractions – now it has been on virtual repeat for a few days as I have revelled in immersing myself in its brilliance!

Accomplished and layered, this eponymous album allows Paramore to display the full range of their talents. Somebody once remarked to me that it is impossible to play a ukelele without raising a smile – the three interludes contained here prove this. Other tracks offer an insight into their versatility and is a real pleasure to listen to. ‘Daydreaming’ manages to have me remembering The Cranberries whilst the swirling guitar work in ‘Part II’ suggests influences from another Irish source, in The Edge of U2. Then there is ‘Last Hope’, providing a glimpse of yet another facet to their musical abilities, whilst ‘Still Into You’ provides yet another wonderful example of Hayley’s vocal range.

Hayley Williams – vocals

Taylor York – guitar

Jeremy Davis – bass

1/ Fast In My Car

2/ Now

3/ Grow Up

4/ Daydreaming

5/ Interlude: Moving On

6/ Ain’t It Fun

7/ Part II

8/ Last Hope

9/ Still Into Youngsters

10/ Anklebiters

11/ Interlude: Holiday

12/ Proof

13/ Hate To See Your Heart Break

14 (One Of Those) Crazy Girls

15/ Interlude: I’m Not Angry Anymore

16/ Be Alone

17/ Future

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