Although I already had digital copies of both tracks, it was so special to get my hands on a copy of the vinyl – a ‘real single’! Not only was it good to be able to hold and play a new physical vinyl verison, it was great to hear it too. Both tracks present good upbeat retro 1970s sounding pop/rock. The ‘B side’ is perhaps a bit more edgy with a slightly more contemporary feel.

Both tracks sound great, with evidence of good production. The vocals are enthusiastic and the lyrics interesting. All in all, I find them to be fun and unpretentious. It’s also refreshing that both tracks don’t sound the same, this suggests further potential and I will be looking out for more from Smash Fashion in the future.

Although I would probably have chosen ‘Marionette’ for the ‘A side’, I’m at a stage regarding music releases where I am beginning to wonder about distinctions between ‘A’ and ‘B’ sides, as distinct from album tracks. I believe that the boundaries are getting blurred with so many options for people to purchase single tracks or compile their own cloud-based playlists. I’m sure that the big record labels will seek to persuade me of the intrinsic value of the various release formats – personally I’ll just continue to take the music in whatever format I can and continue to try to judge it on its merits rather than its promotion.


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