This CD comes with a disc label graphic in the form of a speedometer reading from 0 (Pointless Pussy) up to 280 (True Mother****er), in a way this is probably very good pointer towards what to expect. Don’t expect the needle to spend much time below 200. Further clues about what to expect are contained in the cover artwork, which features a montage of muscle cars, skulls, cannon and a line-up of rather severe looking ladies fronted by one looking very much like a dominatrix. The music lives up to expectations, being good basic driving punk rock stuff. On a personal level I did find it to be a wee bit repetitive and a bit too heavy on expletives, but I wouldn’t let that put me off listening again at times. It’s just going to be one of those albums that I will have to be in the right mood for. I’ve no major objection to occasional strategically placed expletives but do tire of too frequent use; – my main desire these days is to identify music that I can play on radio, sadly ‘F’ words and similar are an automatic bar. This is fine if the band aren’t interested in maximising airplay but it does men that I’m unlikely to be including anything from this album in future radio playlists.

1/ Bad Behaviours

2/ Generation (Again & Again)

3/ Don’t Call Me Back

4/ Sex Circus

5/ Seek Salvation, Find Damnation

6/ Get Wasted

7/ Messaline

8/ Celebr-Hate


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