On a visit to London from my usual life in rural Scottish Borders I arrived at a junction in Portobello Road and was in stopped in my tracks when I saw a branch of the legendary Rough Trade; it would have been criminal to have walked by without visiting. Whilst I could have spent much longer in it I had to consider those with me who weren’t quite as enthralled, so after a good look around I settled on ‘Out Of View’, the debut album by London band The History Of Apple Pie. Listening to it later left me very pleased with the decision to purchase it.

This cheerful and upbeat collection of tracks found me recalling the buzz of the 1990s when bands like The Jesus And Mary Chain, Elastica and Sleeper were offering an alternative to mainstream pop. The History Of Apple Pie breathe new life into the Britpop legacy and have produced an engaging debut which has a very positive feel to it with an interesting selection of ten well crafted and presented tracks.

There is a general bias towards the treble end of the spectrum with ‘jangly’ guitars supporting the melodic vocal pairing of Stephanie and Kelly. That said, the bass and drums are superb and well integrated. Away from the music, the physical package of the the CD is a great example of uncluttered graphic design with the ice cream van on the front (registration TH 04P) with the track list written on the side window and a mouth watering serving of pink ice cream printed on the actual CD inside. Despite the fact that I consume most of my music from streams or electronic files, I still relish the ability to experience the physical manifestation when so tastefully packaged.

Stephanie Min – vocals / guitar

Jerome Watson – guitar

James Thomas – drums

Kelly Owens – bass / backing vocals

Aslam Ghauri – guitar

1/ Tug

2/ See You

3/ Mallory

4/ The Warrior

5/ Glitch

6/ You’re So Cool

7/ I Want More

8/ Do It Wrong

9/ Long Way To Go

10/ Before You Reach The End


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