From my birth place, the city that earned fame for ‘jam, jute and journalism’, we can now enjoy the ‘jaunty’ band The View. Their apprenticeship started with cover gigs and weddings in the mid ‘noughties’, and they have now graduated to become a well-respected band with great catalogue of original songs to draw from. ‘Cheeky For A Reason’ is their fourth album and continues to showcase a skillful band that retains a healthy attitude and sense of humour.

This album contains an entertaining selection of songs, many of which could easily be considered for single release. Although they have experienced some commercial success in the UK pop charts, which often appear to be dominated by female acts, they are far-removed from the saccharin boy-band output that can often generate large sales. They are much more edgier and manage to effortlessly combine elements of pop, rock and punk in an enthusiastic and interesting manner. Their lyrics are catchy with some great hooks yet remain cleverly crafted and avoid inanity. With tight energetic instrumentals to keep things moving this is a wonderful feel-good album that doesn’t require a great deal of effort to listen to. It’s no surprise that they are well-received on the summer festival circuit, having recently clocked up a sixth ‘T In The Park’ performance earlier this month.

1/ How Long

2/ Ab (We Need Treatment)

3/ Hold On Now

4/ Anfield Road

5/ Bullet

6/ Bunker (Solid Ground)

7/ The Clock

8/ Piano Interlude

9/ Hole In The Bed

10/ Sour Little Sweetie

11/ Lean On My World

12/ Tacky Tattoo

13/ Reaction

14/ Some Kind Of Peace Of Mind

Steven Morrison – Drums & Percussion

Kieren Webster – Bass

Pete Reilly – Lead Guitar

Kyle Falconer – Lead Vocals

Darren Rennie – Keyboards & Vocals


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