Yeah, damn right I got the blues; I have fond memories of Buddy Guy’s excellent album with that title, and now Tom Perlongo comes along thanks to ReverbNation to reassure me that the blues is still a vibrant and current music genre. This album contains a mix of original compositions and cover tracks, but the covers aren’t simple attempts to recreate – they offer a refreshingly different interpretation on such classics as ‘Peter Gunn’, ‘Green River’, and ‘Johnny B. Goode’. Full credit to Tom who appears to have invested his heart and soul into his music. I interviewed him recently and was mesmerised by his passion when telling me about the technical specifications of his ‘Violator’, a customised Stratocaster that was created for him by South Carolina’s Haywire Guitars.

Whilst immersed in developing his own distinctive style of the genre he is quick to cite influences by the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Joe Bonamassa and Eric Clapton, but is just as quick to appreciate the contributions made by rising young stars such as 12 year old Tallan Noble Latz! With dedicated virtuosos such as Tom and Tallan, it is clear that many more people will continue to be able to immerse themselves in the wonder of ‘the blues’.

Tom is currently in the process of recording his next release, an album to be titled ‘All Tied Up’ – while I wait eagerly for this new release (due out in the summer of 2013) I would urge you to experience the skills displayed in the varied selection of tracks available on ‘Blues To The Maxx’, and whilst listening to his solid delivery you might also take time to appreciate the wonderful artwork of Jan Carroll Gregory’ depiction of a guitar playing, whisky drinking, smoking bulldog!

1/ Where’s Jimi?

2/ Bad Erie Feeling

3/ Peter Gunn

4/ Hey Bartender

5/ Salsa Blues

6/ Max Dog

7/ Hoochie Coochie Man

8/ The Milwaukee Swing

9/ Green River

10/ In The Midnight Hour

11/ Johnny B. Goode

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