On the face of it this seemed like the musings of another ‘angsty’ teenager, but this was no ‘ordinary son’, and on closer inspection things weren’t quite as cut and dried as they seemed. There was definitely something about Berwick-based indie band Ordinary Son to be experienced here, but there were a number of differences. The name Roy’s Iron DNA might share the same letters, and the bands may share members – but there are clear musical differances. Ian S. Thompson seems to be the only remaining original link , and is clearly the driving force behind the two bands – RIDNA offering an electronica focussed output to complement the more guitar based music of Ordinary Son.

This album certainly takes the listener for an interesting and stimulating journey through accessible electronic music that clearly benefits from links with other genres. The lyrics provide much more than a simple sonic nuance and seek to add a further layer on interest. Much of my music listening is carried out whilst driving and this album provided a great soundtrack to my trips to and from the recent ‘Audio Soup’ Festival near Dunbar when I was acting as a ‘roadie’, transporting the ‘Joint Venture’ sound system. Much as the album seemed to provide a perfect soundtrack to my driving in and out of the festival site I’m certain that it would have been equally at home being projected from the Joint Venture Sound System with the sun going down, and just as well-placed whilst chilling at home.

A great mix of tracks is included – I had heard ‘Watching The World Go By’ in advance of the release and it continued to impress, likewise ‘Sunshine’ which had been offered as a track for re-mixers to get their digits into, but the initial highlight was ‘Rooftops’. Despite highlighting these two tracks, I am certain that there is sufficient diversity contained and the weeks/months ahead will find me gravitating towards other tracks depending on my mood.

1/ Heaven Sent Insane

2/Watching The World Go By

3/ Rooftops

4/ Gamble On a Why

5/ Sunshine

6/ Everything Is Everything

7/ Clouds

8/ Only You


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