Prompted by the re-appearance of a friend here on WP after a long absence I decided to seek to address my failed commitment to post regular updates on my post-retirement life. I didn’t realise just how long it has been since I posted anything here; May seems to have been my last visit – over half a year ago. Apart from a glut of reviews from my Tumblr page that I was adding, one of the last posts had been in response to the bombing at the finish of the Boston marathon. Having ‘treated’ myself to a marathon entry in Edinburgh to co-incide with my 50th birthday I had been considering a second for my 60th in 2015 – events have overtaken this plan. My daughter secured herself a place in the 2014 Brighton Marathon as part of the WWF team, this seemed to be too good an opportunity to miss so I put my name forward and also got a place as one of 300 WWF runners. Perhaps I should be careful of classing myself as a ‘runner’ but I am certainly looking forward to taking part in this event along with my daughter. The decision to apply also helped spur me on from a period of relative inactivity – I had stopped running a while back due to sinus problems which resulted in me becoming a spluttering wreck before I had even completed one mile. Now, however, with four months to go until the event, I am almost fully back into training and so far exceeding suggested training (well as far as number of minutes per week is concerned, still need to work on speed).
With regard to community radio, I’m still as committed but ABC Alness has stopped broadcasting programmes as they go through a transition so am now only putting out one live two hour show each week with TD1 Radio. Occasional co-host Colleen has been forced to cease due to other work commitments but I am so happy to have come across a wonderful alternative in Amanda who will be with me every week – given her initials I just couldn’t resist going with a new ‘branding’ for the show = AC/DS!
2013 has certainly turned out to be another packed and exciting year – I look forward to the first birthday of our grand-daughter on Christmas Eve, collaboration with Amanda on TD1 Radio, and the marathon in Brighton in April. Next year certainly looks set to be just as good – now to get the WP reviews updated to be in line with my Tumblr!

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