It’s really quite refreshing to be reminded that some musicians and bands are more than happy to remain faithful to their beliefs, both musical and political, as they aim to avoid chasing passing trends. Splinter offer an excellent blend of no nonsense streetpunk delivering a carefully considered critique on today’s society and politics. Fourteen short snappy tracks (plus a bonus one) – driving and insistent, defiant and immediate. This is energetic unpretentious in your face punk that ranks with the best. There are no technically stunning virtuoso instrumental performances, but then again that would be so out of place, just solid and tight, driving guitar, bass and drums.

Stand out tracks on first hearing are ‘Technology’s Lies’, ‘Keyboard Cowards’, and “dedicated to the government” as introduced by Dek when I witnessed them live – ‘Imbeciles’, “the world’s being run by fools”. The album ends with a special bonus track that begins at a slower pace than the rest, initially it sounds as if it will be a bit more laid back but the lyrics reveal a much darker side and the tone of the track changes – the title ‘Night Clubs’ is absolutely nothing to do with an enjoyable night out in the city – it is about the culling of young seal pups.

Shev – bass

Dek – vocals / drums

Rik – guitar / vocals

1/ History

2/ Fashion Victims

3/ Flashback

4/ Tecnnology’s Lies

5/ Cut The Crap

6/ Anticipation

7/ One Of The Same

8/ Keyboard Cowards

9/ Cloud Of Regret

10/ Era Collapse

11/ Forget

12/ Imbeciles

13/ Got A Feeling

14/ Last In Line

15/ Night Clubs


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