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Tom is extremely passionate about his music. Strongly influenced by Stevie Ray Vaughan, Joe Bonamassa and Eric Clapton this album brings a selection of original compositions to complement his earlier ‘Blues To The Max’ release. His timeless blues sound includes a contemporary edge as he works his way through a range of songs that demonstrates his range of skills; his masterful guitar playing is a perfect accompaniment for his deep soulful voice.

I have been lucky enough to have been kept informed about the development of this album which makes this release so much more special for me. I previously reviewed ‘Blues To The Max’ and have been able to hear Tom’s music develop from interpretations of other writers’ songs to a greater focus on his own writing. Whilst there is always a place for well played and inspired covers, I have to admit a strong preference for original work and this album doesn’t disappoint. The range of songs contained here is enhanced by the input from Jan Carroll Gregory who shares writing credits on two of them, ‘Hoochie Coo’ and ‘Little Miss Lucky’. Tom is an extremely accomplished guitar player, favouring a special ‘Violator’ as produced by Haywire Custom Built Guitars; his voice could equally have been ‘custom made’ for blues. I can readily imagine Tom and band playing these live in some smokey basement bar, less likely in real life due to indoor smoking bans here in the UK, but smoke of not I’m sure that a great night would be had by all. The songs range from quirkly up-beat numbers, through much more laid back slower ones and includes the extremely poignant tribute to Tom’s late father, ‘Rock My Tears Away’. This album is very much a labour of love and has a great deal of emotion invested in it.

I can easily see’All Tied Up’ helping to increase Tom’s audience, and look forward to hearing more new songs in future.

1/ I Can’t Sleep

2/ Hoochie Coo

3/ All Tied Up

4/ Walkin’ Shoes

5/ Poison In My Eyes

6/ Little Miss Lucky

7/ She Loves Me

8/ Paper Thin

9/ Rock My Tears Away

10/ Stogie Smokin’ Woman