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According to my research, Robin Williams is credited with saying that “if you remember the ’60s, you weren’t there”; I was alive in the ’60s and this album certainly goes a long way to helping me remember the mood of much of the music that I listened to then. Optimistic and upbeat, considered and intriguing – ‘The Pace’ has it all. Just as a wine connoisseur takes great pleasure in picking out a range of contributory constituents, I am equally happy when sensing echoes of other artists within the music that I listen to. Among the memories that I felt were being triggered as I listened to this were Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, and Dodgy (yes, I know Dodgy weren’t a ’60s band, but they were equally good at emulating that sound). This extremely pleasing album presents the listener with a wonderfully uplifting and varied selection of happy and positive songs. Styles range through country, blues, folk, rock and pop without ever labouring any of them. Most definitely a great ‘make you feel good’ album – and the wonderfully retro guitar break at 5.25 in ‘Hella’ simply begs to be heard.

1/ The Pace

2/ Critically Cool

3/ Rolling Deep Into The Backwoods

4/ Manifest Destiny

5/ Ain’t Our Way

6/ The Umbrella Song

7/ Hella

8/ The Winding Rivers Of Northern California

9/ Ladies Of The Hotel Shahil

10/ The Long Arm Of The Law

Jessie Alsop: keys & vocals

Ben Lang: guitar & vocals

Landon Moblad: drums

Dan Paggi: bass & vocals

Evan Wardel: guitar & vocals

featuring –

Andrew Tavis: harmonica & tambourine (‘Ain’t Our Way’)

Steven Tyler Spinner: tenor sax (‘Rolling Deep Into The Backwoods’)

Josh Yenne: pedal steel guitar (‘The Winding Rivers Of Northern California’ & ‘Long Arm Of The Law’)