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When setting up the initial text file for my reviews I have a routine – after typing in the artist name and album title I will add a question mark to reserve the space for the main body text, and then proceed to list tracks and individual musicians. Having set the file up and listening to ‘Perfect’ a number of times I found myself tempted to leave this review as simply a string of question marks! Hot Head Show have succeeded in stumping me; I’m really not sure what to make of this album – having said that, the fact that I persisted and played it a few times must mean something. My first thoughts were to recall the output of Frank Zappa’s Mothers Of Invention, and Captain Beefheart’s Magic Band (minus the Captain’s distinctive vocals), whilst also thinking about a ‘less comedic’ Bonzo Dog Band, but to leave my thoughts there would not do justice to this incorrigible divergent offering of tracks that include lyrics such as, “as cool as a wet brassiere removed in the rain, we must stop meeting this way”.

At times it sounds very much like an improvisation session where individual members of the band seek to explore, and incorporate, as many different musical styles as possible. I do imagine that a live performance by Hot Head Show would be a very memorable experience. I don’t imagine, however, that I will regularly return to individual tracks from this album; but as an opportunity to take a break from the comfort blanket of the familiar and predictable – this seems to be just ‘perfect’!

1/ Kansas

2/ Bethany

3/ Bang Now

4/ Hello Doctor

5/ Bodie Doesn’t Take It Sitting Down

6/ Some Money

7/ Little Kitty

8/ Fingers

9/ Bangfish

10/ Unbearable Lightness Of Bang

Jordan Copeland – guitar & lead vocal

Vaughn Stokes – bass & second vocal

Betamax – drums & third vocal

Jonah Brody – organs & pianos & low/high vocal