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“Sugar and spice and all things nice”, that might be what ‘little girls’ are made of, but ‘riot grrrlz’ are completely different matter! In 2007 Indiana ‘riot grrrl’ band The Smears released an album ‘Asthenic Process’ but this band of the same name, a three-piece consisting C Doll, Miss C and Maimee V (Em) from Nottingham make their American cousins seem rather tame. Classifying themselves as a ‘grunk’ band, combining grunge and punk, I was thrilled when I stumbled across their album ‘Dirty Protest’. In the best traditions of punk they blast out a series of short insistent songs that grab the listener by the throat whilst the aural assault progresses unchecked. They couldn’t be further from the highly polished and formatted clone acts that seek to achieve their ‘fifteen minutes of fame’ on various TV ‘talent’ shows. I doubt very much if Em’s vocals would result in any of the so-called judges on ‘The Voice’ turning their chairs to select to be taken under their wing; similarly I doubt even more if she would ever consider attempting to pursue such a route. Having said so, however, a photo of the three of them dressed in identical dresses strutting along a city street with the title ‘Smears In The City’, suggests that they have a wry sense of humour, so who knows? I find it really quite reassuring to know that such bands still exist and are determined to forge their own path. Simply great fresh punk, packed full of raw energy and blended with 21st century attitude. The world needs more bands like this to provide an antidote to the bland corporate material that seems to be intent on taking over the mainstream media.

Maimee V (Em) – lead guitar / vocals

Miss C – bass / backing vocals

C Doll – drums

1/ Freak Show

2/ Halloween

3/ Prowling Hyenas

4/ Rise Of The Liars

5/ R&R

6/ Horribly Wrong

7/ So Pretty

8/ Scrape Patrol

9/ Handcuffs And Powder Puffs